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A feature design project

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Background Information

Background Information

Background Information

Background Information

Background Information

While taking an Interface Design course (IAT 334) at Simon Fraser University, I worked on a project that required a teammate and me to create a new feature for an existing mobile application. The app we worked on was Clue, a menstrual tracking application.


This feature design project aimed to put our critical thinking skills to the test to create something that would add value to an existing product in the market. After conducting an in-depth review of Clue's entire app and leading a handful of think-aloud tests, we quickly uncovered that its features did not necessarily add any additional value to its users though Clue was functional. In other words, Clue's current interface did not stand out compared to its competitors.


With the information found in our initial exploratory research and think-aloud tests, we found several potential directions we could take to improve Clue's overall user interface. However, upon further inspection, we realized that Clue's symptom analysis feature was the most probable area to improve. The feature did not add any value to its users, as most were confused about their reading information. Furthermore, during the think-aloud test, users mentioned how they wanted more information on maintaining their menstrual health and how to apply the data Clue was currently providing them in their everyday lives. While researching, we also noticed that Clue's desktop website housed a library of articles that could be of value for users, further playing into how Clue can promote overall better menstrual health.


  • Provide added value to Clue's users
  • Ensure users have a smooth and intuitive experience using Clue
  • Integrate useful articles and tips to promote better menstrual health



Our target audience for this enhanced analysis feature was beginner users of Clue. We found that such users are most interested in learning more about their menstrual health to ensure that they are healthy.

Wireframes & wireflows

Final outcome

After carefully ideating, my teammate and I created an improved analysis feature that we could seamlessly integrate onto Clue's platform. The feature would have multiple access points, making it easy to access and providing users with easy-to-understand insights about their menstrual health. To take the idea a step further, we also integrated Clue's articles into this feature for users interested in learning more about current symptoms they may be experiencing. Overall, this feature allowed our team to provide users with what they wanted and provide Clue with a new tool for achieving their primary goal of promoting better menstrual health.

Concluding thoughts

This feature design project was my first taste in the formal process of UX design. Through this project, I felt that I got a more realistic view of how product managers and UX designers alike need to ideate to improve upon their products continuously. If I were to reapproach this project, I would love to continue to improve upon the enhanced analysis feature and further push what I could do with user data on the platform to create more personalized user experiences.