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World Mental Health Week




Background Information

Background Information

Background Information

Background Information

Background Information

While working as a Marketing & Communications Assistant at Simon Fraser University's (SFU) Health & Counselling Services, I created a mental health marketing campaign aligned with World Mental Health Week (WMHW). I made a campaign branding kit, posters, and social media content utilizing my marketing and design knowledge.


In previous years, SFU Health & Counselling Services uncovered that the vast majority of the SFU student population valued information and resources around mental health. Hence, shining light on events, resources, and information around this topic became a crucial component of Health & Counselling Services' overall marketing plan. Providing students with accurate and timely information about mental health quickly became a priority, making World Mental Health Week a pivotal campaign to reach students.


Based on SFU Health & Counselling Services' focus on mental health, I wanted to approach the topic empathetic but fun. Being an SFU student, I noticed a gap between students and services such as Health & Counselling. Most of the student population did not know that Health & Counselling Services existed. I also noticed that students didn't tend to interact with others as much as expected. And lastly, I also saw a massive stigma around speaking about mental health in general. With these issues in mind, I began looking into how I could create a campaign that promoted an inclusive and accepting SFU community that was fun and engaging.


  • Inform students about SFU's mental health offerings
  • Promote social connection amongst the SFU community
  • Remove the stigma around speaking about mental health
  • Create a fun and colourful campaign that represents the SFU student body


While brainstorming and doing some secondary research around mental health, I quickly realized how broad of a topic this was. Mental Health consists of many facets, and each unique individual is in a different stage within their mental health journey. With this in mind, I approached this campaign by shining light on the various potential stages people may go through when acknowledging and working on their mental health. The final campaign itself consisted of two components: physical posters and week-long social media content. I decided to derive away from SFU's traditional branding by using bright and bold colours meant to capture students' attention for the look and feel.


Mirroring a concept of rip-off tabs I had come across earlier in the year, I decided to design a set of four bright posters that each had tabs at the bottom that students could rip-off. Each tab consisted of a positive affirmation that the student could choose to keep or share with someone to promote social connection at SFU. Moreover, to represent a diverse group of students, each poster highlighted a specific student who attends SFU using a simple linear art style. Below are the four final posters used for the campaign.

Social media content

The second and most crucial component of this campaign was the social media content. Social media is the primary communication mode that SFU Health & Counselling Services uses to reach students across SFU. Hence, creating engaging content was a priority for this campaign. The content was primarily based on speaking of the process of working on your mental health, with each day representing a new stage. Moreover, the posts shared information about SFU's mental health offerings and events during this campaign. I posted all social media content across all SFU Health & Counselling Services' social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Below are a few examples of the type of content that I shared.

Concluding thoughts

Mental health is a topic near and dear to my heart that I will always have a great passion for. I am very grateful for the opportunity and the creative control I was given with this campaign. This experience allowed me to learn how to create an effective marketing campaign and realize a newfound passion for creative direction and branding. If I were given more time to work on this project, I would love to create informational animated videos to accompany the social media component of this campaign.