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Mental health made fair




Background Information

Background Information

Background Information

Background Information

Background Information

I worked with Phare, an online-based counselling company, to rebrand their entire company and design and develop a new website for their company. Phare is on a mission to change the current climate of how individuals access counselling services. Through this, they created a new sustainable system that removes the barriers to access and focuses on what really matters: improving mental health for everyone.


Phare provides a flexible pricing solution to mental health services, a solution ideal for a younger generation of university students and young adults. Their old brand identity did not align with this target demographic, and they wanted to create a relatable and inclusive brand for a diverse set of individuals. At the same time, Phare's website, the primary source clients and counsellors use to contact them, needed to be updated to match this new branding identity and be more informative and easy to understand.


Phare wanted to be more relatable and inclusive to a diverse group of young adults. There was a huge opportunity to represent this need for inclusivity within Phare's brand. For me, this meant creating inclusive and simple designs that spoke to a variety of individuals without the need to be too complex. Phare also wanted to bring more colour and life into their brand to be more welcoming and warm to clients, which allowed us to explore more friendly colour palettes.


  • Create a friendly and playful brand identity that wasn't intimidating
  • Design a website that mirrored Phare's branding
  • Create an accessible website with an easy way to book appointments with counsellors
  • Give more voice and recognition to Phare's counsellors while giving potential clients the opportunity to get to know them


The first stage of this project was to do some preliminary research on mental health and what this meant to young adults. Most of my findings from this project and previous projects pointed toward how many felt mental health services were intimidating. Many were unable to relate to counsellors and counselling services in the industry. I concluded that feeling welcomed was the biggest need with Phare's target audience from my research.

After the research phase, my next step was to lay out branding guidelines for Phare. The first and most important thing I looked at was Phare's main identifier, its logo. Phare's previous logo, which played on the concept of neon lights, was vague and did not inform Phare's audience about what the company was intended for. Moreover, not wanting to fall into clichés about what Phare means (if you were wondering, the definition of Phare is "a beacon of light"). I set out to create a few logo options to help Phare stand out with these things in mind.

After iterating and going back and forth with Phare, we finally agreed on a simple but interesting logo inspired by chat bubbles to help communicate that Phare provides a safe space where anyone can have a conversation.

After selecting a logo, the next step was to establish a colour palette that best represents Phare. With being friendly and approachable in mind, we decided to choose a bright and colourful palette that was versatile.

Concluding thoughts

I'm happy with the result of this project with Phare. Mental health is a topic that I have always been passionate about, so being able to work with a company that shares the same value I place on mental health has been such an honour and amazing opportunity.